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Why am I this desperate?

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Nothing in the world smells as good as the person you love.
— Unknown (a knot in my throat now)

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Step 1. Fill a bunch of jars 3/4 full with fruit.  Any fruit.  Or hot peppers. I don’t care.  Fruit that is large should be cut.  Fruit that has a peel should be peeled.  Pictured is raspberry/blackberry and cantelope.  Canteloop? Cantelupe?  I’m not gonna deal with autocorrect tonight.

Step 2. Add lots of sugar.  I’m using half gallon jars and I put in a heaping cup of sugar for each.  For some fruits, like apples, use honey.  I don’t know why honey just works better with apples.  Probably pears too.  Add some cinnamon or some other spice that will compliment the mixture.  I put cayenne pepper in the melon because I’m a monster.

Step 3. Fill with liquor and seal. Not the cheap stuff because be classy, but not too expensive because it will go to waste.  For this batch I used regular Smirnoff.  Different liquors will work better with different fruits.

Step 4. Wait.  The first couple days rotate the jars a few times until the sugar is completely dissolved.  The liquor will almost immediately start taking the color of the fruit.  Eventually, all of the fruit will look very bleached and that’s how you know it’s done.  You’ll want to collect the liquid in a separate container to make it easier to serve.  You can also eat the fruit.  It doesn’t taste good but it will get you trashed.

Step 5. Drink the liquid.  Have a party or something?  It’s good, everyone will love it.

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Awesome post! I love seeing Tumblr users making cordials and boozy concoctions. To add a few thoughts:

1) Pair your fruit to your booze.  Vodka apples are pretty good, but brandy or whiskey with apples, cinnamon, and honey are better. I’ve made a handy list of pairings that I prefer, but don’t take my experiences as truth. Test things out yourself!

Apples-Whiskey, burboun, brandy


Plums-brandy, vodka

Peaches- vodka, rum, spiced rum

Cherries- brandy, vodka, spiced rum

Grapes (concord)- vodka

Grapes (table)- vodka

Strawberry- vodka

Raspberry- vodka

Blackberry- brandy, vodka

Cucumber-gin, vodka


orange-vodka, rum

lemon, lime-gin, vodka, rum




2) Pair with herbs. You can really play with the depth of your cordial flavors with herbal infusions such as mint and watermelon, cucumber and mint, basil and watermelon, spearmint and blueberry, etc. Look to common pairings for inspiration or create your own. Just wash and bruise the leaves by rolling them between your palms and add them at the bottom of your mason jar and shake with your fruit and liquor.

3) As for sweeteners, they aren’t required. I can’t have a lot of sugar so I try have refined my tastes to enjoy cordials sans sweeteners and even if you are a sucker for sweet drinks you might find that a strawberry lemon vodka is sweet enough on it’s own. If you want to go without sweetener, but aren’t sure about the quality product you will make there are a few things to do that will help you succeed. First, choose fruits with a higher amount of naturally occurring sugar. It might surprise you that oranges and melons are up there, but berries, despite being lower GI foods work well, too. Second, use quality liquor. If I am not using sweetener I typically use something ranging from Titos to Belvedere vodka. Skip smirnoff, Mr. Boston and anything that comes in a large plastic bottle. Less is more here when creating a quality unsweetened cordial. Lastly, you can strain and replenish with fresh fruit after a week or so to create a more flavorful cordial, just keep sanitation in mind.

4) Speaking of sanitation the wine maker and brewer in me needs to remind you that any cordials do not contain a high enough alcohol content for you to forgo sanitation. Fruit rots and lower alcohol content cordials such as those with large amounts of sweeteners and water or juice added can go bad. Keep things cold if possible and sealed well. Keep your workspace clean, wash you hands often and wash your produce before using. A 10% bleach solution on your glassware and utensils for 3-5 min is a good way to start each experiment session to ensure you won’t end up on the toilet.


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a lot of ppl seem confused on what cultural appropriation is so lemme break it down

IT IS NOT: enjoying food from another culture, enjoying music from another culture, learning about another culture, or learning another language

IT IS: using another culture as a costume, wearing religious articles as accessories when you are not a follower of that religion, using a race as a mascot, disrespecting religious or cultural practices. 

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Can’t tell me nothin’

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Too much truth?


Too much truth?

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if you cant handle me at my worst then leave because i dont have a best im always awful

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Futurama 3D 

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This woman deserves a round of applause and a throne of gold. This is the most realistic and amazing thing for someone to say for this generation of students. I wasn’t able to go to college this year because my parents can’t afford to send me and I had every scholarship, grant, loan known to man and it still wouldn’t work. Finally someone gets it!

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Anyone else feel like having a late night snack?
by Kitchen Explorers — So this happened. Fresh blueberry crisp + vanilla ice cream = #GetInMyBelly #sorrynotsorry
Get the recipe.

I made this last night! So good.


Anyone else feel like having a late night snack?

by Kitchen Explorers — So this happened. Fresh blueberry crisp + vanilla ice cream = #GetInMyBelly #sorrynotsorry

Get the recipe.

I made this last night! So good.

Text 16 Jul Just watched Separate but Unequalon Frontline

Please tumblrsphere, please watch. From “we can’t be racist, we have a black president” to “you have to do what’s right for your pocketbook” it’s insane. These people get so easily offended that they are called racist but they are unabashed that their new community is only open to middle-class citizens.
It breaks my heart to think that nobody cares about the poor kids. It hurts my heart that people think diverse schools are damaging Baton Rouge’s sense of community.

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She was 18 years old, a freshman, and had been on campus for just two weeks when one Saturday night last September her friends grew worried because she had been drinking and suddenly disappeared.

Around midnight, the missing girl texted a friend, saying she was frightened by a student she had met that evening. “Idk what to do,” she wrote. “I’m scared.” When she did not answer a call, the friend began searching for her.

In the early-morning hours on the campus of Hobart and William Smith Colleges in central New York, the friend said, he found her — bent over a pool table as a football player appeared to be sexually assaulting her from behind in a darkened dance hall with six or seven people watching and laughing. Some had their cellphones out, apparently taking pictures, he said.

Later, records show, a sexual-assault nurse offered this preliminary assessment: blunt force trauma within the last 24 hours indicating “intercourse with either multiple partners, multiple times or that the intercourse was very forceful.” The student said she could not recall the pool table encounter, but did remember being raped earlier in a fraternity-house bedroom.

The football player at the pool table had also been at the fraternity house — in both places with his pants down — but denied raping her, saying he was too tired after a football game to get an erection. Two other players, also accused of sexually assaulting the woman, denied the charge as well. Even so, tests later found sperm or semen in her vagina, in her rectum and on her underwear.

It took the college just 12 days to investigate the rape report, hold a hearing and clear the football players. The football team went on to finish undefeated in its conference, while the woman was left, she said, to face the consequences — threats and harassment for accusing members of the most popular sports team on campus.

A New York Times examination of the case, based in part on hundreds of pages of disciplinary proceedings — usually confidential under federal privacy laws — offers a rare look inside one school’s adjudication of a rape complaint amid a roiling national debate over how best to stop sexual assaults on campuses.

Whatever precisely happened that September night, the internal records, along with interviews with students, sexual-assault experts and college officials, depict a school ill prepared to evaluate an allegation so serious that, if proved in a court of law, would be a felony, with a likely prison sentence. As the case illustrates, school disciplinary panels are a world unto themselves, operating in secret with scant accountability and limited protections for the accuser or the accused.

At a time of great emotional turmoil, students who say they were assaulted must make a choice: Seek help from their school, turn to the criminal justice system or simply remain silent. The great majority — including the student in this case — choose their school, because of the expectation of anonymity and the belief that administrators will offer the sort of support that the police will not.

Yet many students come to regret that decision, wishing they had never reported the assault in the first place.

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I already liked Old Economy Steve. So, it was only natural I’d like the Scumbag Baby Boomer meme as well.

I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry.

the truth, it burns

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